CSBP’s wetlands rejuvenation improves wastewater management

08 December 2021

The wetlands at CSBP Kwinana are being revitalised as part of a strategy to improve the business’ wastewater management.

The three hectares of purpose-built wetlands are an important part of CSBP’s wastewater management, treating approximately 2.5 million litres of nutrient-rich wastewater each day. 

WesCEF’s Environmental Superintendent Stephanie Felstead said that the wetlands naturally treat the wastewater.

“Naturally occurring bacteria live around the plant stems and remove metals and nutrients before the clean water is pumped to the Sepia Depression Ocean Outlet via the Water Corporation’s discharge line, four kilometres offshore,” she said.

The wetlands have been operating for 15 years, and over this time the treatment of high volumes of wastewater has resulted in waterlogging and plant degradation. 

CSBP’s wetlands rejuvenation is a two-stage project. The first part was completed in early 2020 and involved upgrading the drainage system and replanting 50,000 plants. 

The second part of the project, a wastewater recycling plant, is being considered in 2021. The plant will remove metals from the wastewater before directing the clean water back to CSBP’s processing plants.

“This will reduce the amount of water CSBP uses in its manufacturing process, as well as the eventual amount of treated wastewater discharged off-site,” Stephanie said.