Meet our 2021 Innovation and Values Award Winner – Austin Sheard

12 January 2022

How do you remove palm oil from storage tanks? That’s one problem that has now been solved, thanks to the innovative thinking of CSBP Engineering Cadet – Chemical/Process, Austin Sheard.

Austin was our Innovation Winner for 2021 for his idea to use a caustic solution to break down and dissolve the oil.

Originally starting at WesCEF as a vacation student, Austin took on the cadet role last year and set about trialling his solution in the lab to prove the concept before conducting a pilot trial in a 1,000L IBC.

The real test came when two Flexi-N carriers had their four 20,000L trailers contaminated. Austin safely guided production operators through his proposed cleaning method and all the palm oil was successfully removed.

“As a chemical engineer, I am exposed to a diverse range of challenges. Being able to collaborate with people from a range of different disciplines is very rewarding and an excellent way to learn,” Austin said.

As well as enjoying the problem-solving aspect of his role, Austin believes it is the people of WesCEF who help to make his work most enjoyable.

“Everyone is super friendly and their willingness to help is second to none,” he said.

“I genuinely love how much of a team environment we have and I’m just happy to be part of a great company that has so many exciting things going on.”

Austin is now working on implementing his innovative method in the Flexi-N storage tanks on site at CSBP.

Congratulations Austin on this well-deserved award!