• 09 December 2021

    CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge empowers students to take action

    The CSBP Coastal Connection Challenge (CCCC) is empowering young people to take action to preserve their coastal environment. 50 students from schools and youth groups in Kwinana and Rockingham attended a two-day forum in March to identify opportunities in caring for local coastal areas. Participants have spent the past two months developing their ideas into […]

  • 09 December 2021

    Traditional knowledge for future conservation

    Participants attending the CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge (CCCC) had the opportunity to learn about how Noongar people cared for country in a specially designed Traditional Ecological Knowledge workshop.  The CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge is run in partnership with Perth NRM. The free, two-day event on March 26 and 27, 2021 brought together young people to […]

  • 09 December 2021

    Students flock to CSBP coastal challenge

    The CSBP Coastal Connections Challenge began today. Kicking off the two day event involving over 50 school children this morning was General Manager Chemicals Joint Ventures & AV/ModWood Barney Jones. The Challenge is designed for students to explore environmental problems along the coast and work out how we can solve them. Many employees are also […]

  • 09 December 2021

    Meet our very own automation superstar

    Meet Prathyusha ‘Praty’ Sangam – WesCEF’s very own autonomous racing superstar! Praty took first place in the AWS DeepRacer League, which is the world’s first global autonomous racing league and brings together developers of all skill levels to put their machine learning skills to the test. After winning at the Australian level, Praty progressed to the […]

  • 09 December 2021

    Australian Hydrogen Council

    There’s a lot happening in the Climate Opportunities space with WesCEF recently joining the Australian Hydrogen Council, which is made up of 60 members across Australia who operate in the hydrogen supply chain. WesCEF’s General Manager Climate Opportunities, Mussaret Nagree notes that being part of the Australian Hydrogen Council is an important opportunity for WesCEF, […]

  • Rob Scott
    09 December 2021

    Sustainability is the key to Wesfarmers success

    Recently, Wesfarmers Managing Director Rob Scott spoke with the Australian Institute of Company Directors about Wesfarmers sustainability goals, shareholder returns and how WesCEF will play a significant role in its sustainable future. By now, you’ll be aware of Wesfarmers ambitious net-zero target for all its Divisions to be carbon neutral by 2050. In his May interview, Rob […]

  • 08 December 2021

    CSBP Partnership Cares for Coastal Environment

    Young people were empowered to take action to preserve their coastal environment in the Kwinana and Rockingham areas thanks to CSBP’s newest community partnership, the CSBP Coastal Connection Challenge (CCCC). Two Reference Group members, Snow Li (13) and Kristy Read (24), both enjoyed the chance to influence how the Challenge would benefit the students involved. […]

  • 08 December 2021

    Using the LoRa Network to monitor groundwater

    CSBP is improving the way it monitors groundwater quality with the installation of smart remote sensors.  Data is captured by the sensors and transmitted in real-time to the CSBP Environment team via the LoRa network. LoRa is short for long-range and is an energy efficient network that enables the sensors to transmit data over a long […]

  • 08 December 2021

    CSBP’s wetlands rejuvenation improves wastewater management

    The wetlands at CSBP Kwinana are being revitalised as part of a strategy to improve the business’ wastewater management. The three hectares of purpose-built wetlands are an important part of CSBP’s wastewater management, treating approximately 2.5 million litres of nutrient-rich wastewater each day.  WesCEF’s Environmental Superintendent Stephanie Felstead said that the wetlands naturally treat the […]

  • 08 December 2021

    WesCEF’s first Aboriginal Employee Network Kicks Off

    WesCEF was proud to hold its first Aboriginal Employee Network event for employees from its numerous greater Perth based businesses in November 2020. The event offered the opportunity for Aboriginal employees to get to know each other and develop a support network and was attended by Wesfarmers CEO. The initiative, which will now be a […]