Using the LoRa Network to monitor groundwater

08 December 2021

CSBP is improving the way it monitors groundwater quality with the installation of smart remote sensors. 

Data is captured by the sensors and transmitted in real-time to the CSBP Environment team via the LoRa network. LoRa is short for long-range and is an energy efficient network that enables the sensors to transmit data over a long distance. 

The Environment team engaged with external supplier Sentient Computing to install four sensors at high-risk locations onsite, providing early identification of groundwater contamination and potential infrastructure failure. 

Senior Environmental Advisor Jacqui Prosser said the network allows the Environment team to capture and trend groundwater data remotely and take action if contamination occurs. 

“The new system allows us to review groundwater quality from the safety of our office and implement control measures to minimise environmental harm and potential regulatory and reputational consequences.

“This is really important when you consider how close our Kwinana operations are to Cockburn Sound,” Jacqui said. 

In addition, the system reduces the frequency of manual sampling, minimising risk of exposure to potentially hazardous groundwater.

The groundwater sensors are just one way that CSBP is utilising the LoRa network. Other prospective projects include monitoring the onsite bores water usage, measuring and tracking performance of the sites cooling towers and monitoring product quality.