COVID-19 Protocols

WesCEF is committed to managing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the safety of anyone visiting or working at a WesCEF office or site.

Anyone visiting or working at WesCEF premises must abide by the following protocols:

Anyone visiting or working at a WesCEF office or site is required to carry proof of vaccination at all times, and show proof of vaccination.

At this stage, the ServiceWA app does not show the booster date, so it is not an acceptable form of proof of booster vaccination. We recommend downloading the digital certificate from MyGov/ Medicare (showing all three vaccination dates) on your mobile device or carrying a printed copy.

Surgical or P2 masks must be worn on WesCEF premises.

Cloth masks cannot be worn as they do not provide an acceptable level of protection. People are expected to bring their own masks. In exceptional circumstances, masks can be requested at reception or security gatehouses on a case-by-case basis. Surgical masks must be changed daily or immediately if they become wet or soiled. A P2 mask can provide protection for a week and doesn’t have to be changed daily unless damaged or it becomes wet.

A Daily Health Check must be completed every day prior to attending a WesCEF office or site.