WesCEF’s partnerships are helping to reduce our carbon footprint

30 March 2022

​WesCEF recently announced it has joined a consortium, led by Jupiter Ionics and Monash University, to develop modular Green Ammonia manufacturing technology.

Manager Climate Opportunities Jodie Kimber said the team’s focus has been on developing relationships with the right partners, who are credible and have novel technology relevant to WesCEF’s current businesses and growth aspirations.

“Jupiter Ionics, for instance, is in the early stage of developing its technology but should they succeed it will be an exciting development in the production of Green Ammonia, which has the potential to decarbonise the ammonia process and this is a critical enabler for WesCEF’s Net Zero targets.”

Jodie said she expects more opportunities will present themselves, once the business releases its Net Zero roadmap.

“WesCEF is a high quality partner and we are very sought after, however we tend to be a quiet achiever.”

“We are constantly scanning to seek out opportunities that speak to the heart of our business and we also receive leads from WesCEF employees, which is really useful.”

Jodie said WesCEF’s involvement with the KiC and other industry bodies, along with the  sponsorship of industry papers, such as the CSIRO CO2 utilisation report, which was completed last year, has also been helpful in identifying opportunities.

“While many of our partnerships are confidential, what we can say is that we have several interesting opportunities in the pipeline.”

Jodie said the team is also looking for CCU opportunities, discussing potential synergies with other businesses in the Kwinana area, and are working closely with the business development team to  look for net zero growth opportunities in the chemicals space.