Cracking codes with a WesCEF Community Grant

31 October 2022

Students at East Waikiki Primary School have been awarded a WesCEF Community Grant which they are using to run a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) based coding program. 

A group of around 13 students (from Years 2, 3 and 4) attend the after-school program which facilitates the children to build, code and power up their unique Lego creations. The program is designed to build an engineering mindset and allow the students to have an opportunity to “geek out”. 

The program, run by STEM teacher Deb Peters, also enters in state-wide coding competitions – something which the WesCEF Community Grant will support them to do more of. 

“We find that these kids already love Lego and this program takes their interest to a whole new level,” she said. 

“Hopefully one day these kids will be taking up a STEM-related career”. 

WesCEF’s Community Grants Program supports community organisations in the Kwinana and Rockingham regions. The grants are used to support initiatives like East Waikiki Primary School’s coding program that promote STEM education.